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ZAMA is a global market leader in mechanical and electromechanical solutions with a legacy of operational excellence. ZAMA annually supplies diaphragm carburetors with over 350 different variants, chain oilers, and other high precision machined parts to almost all major manufacturers in the industry like Stihl, Husqvarna, Yamabiko, Echo, Makita, TTI, and others. We also provide electronic and electrical products such as solenoid valves, solenoid pumps, electronic fuel injection systems, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and PCBAs for a wide variety of industries. ZAMA is a global organization with approximately 3,000 employees at 5 different facilities in Japan, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and the United States. 


ZAMA was founded on September 1st, 1952 as Shinagawa Die-Casting Co. Ltd. in Shinagawa City Tokyo, Japan by Mr. Jiro Kato.

With 20 employees, ZAMA primarily focused on producing automobile parts for local customers.

In 1962 the company was moved to Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture near Yokohama, Japan which was the base for the later name of the company.

1975, ZAMA started carburetor production under ZAMA brand with approximately 200 employees.

1989, having 400 employees, ZAMA opened production facilities in Hong Kong and Morioka, Northern Japan, to meet capacity demands.

1990, an engineering and sales facility in Franklin (TN) was founded to serve our US customers.

1991, Another production facility with 450 employees in Shenzhen, China was established and major parts of the Hong Kong facilities were moved

Growing fast with the new location structure, in 2003 ZAMA invested in production depth and also added chain-lubrication systems to its product portfolio.

In the years until 2004, ZAMA China moved 3 times into bigger buildings to follow the customer demand for high quality carburetors.

2005 Mr. Jiro Kato started retirement plans and decided, that ZAMA had reached a suitable size.

ZAMA which had reached close to 2,000 employees consolidated all China locations into one factory building in Shenzhen - Xili and focused on continuous improvements of cost and quality rather than growth.

2008 Mr. Kato sold ZAMA to its biggest customer, the ANDREAS STIHL AG & CO KG.

With the process of integration into STIHL, ZAMA gained access to STIHL‘s advanced technology.

2012 ZAMA started the development of electronic carburetors and components for electronic fuel injection.

2013 the former licensed production site in Shenzhen became the fully ZAMA owned Guangdong ZAMA precision industries Co. Ltd.

With the lease term of its only production site ending, ZAMA had to restructure.

2014 ZAMA founded and began construction of ZAMA Precision Industry Manufacturing Phil. Inc., in Batangas, Philippines, which started production successfully in April 2016.

2016 ZAMA founded and began construction of ZAMA Precision Industries (Huizhou) Ltd. in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, P.R. CHINA, and moved all equipment and many employees to there. The move completed in June 2018.



ZAMA Precision Industries (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.

Eastern Industrial Park,
Huatang Village, Shatian Town, Huiyang District
Huizhou, 516269, Guangdong, CHINA

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ZAMA PRECISION INDUSTRY Manufacturing Philippines Inc.

Lot-6, First Philippine Industrial Park II, Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Baragnay Sta. Anastacia, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Philippines, 4234

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ZAMA Japan Kabushiki Kaisha

2-154-14, Obuke, Hachimantai
028-7111 Iwate JAPAN

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114 Seaboard Lane
Franklin, Tennessee 37067 USA

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ZAMA Corporation Ltd.

Unit 703-707, Building 12W
Phase 3 Hong Kong Science Park
12 Science Park West Avenue
Pak Shek Kok, N.T. HONG KONG

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ZAMA Precision Industries (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch Office

807, Tefa Information and Technology Bld.,
2 Qiongyu Rd, Nanshan, 518057
Shenzhen, CHINA

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Well selected and well trained associates in all hierarchy levels distinguish ZAMA from our competitors. ZAMA treats all employees fair and with respect, to reach high levels of motivation and identification with ZAMA’s products and goals. ZAMA takes special care of its employees, continuously evaluating and improving their work places for health risks and hidden dangers hazards as well as maintaining and continuously improving its OHS management system. ZAMA strictly monitors legal requiremen

Our products for a better environment

We understand how important a sustainable business model is at ZAMA. Carbon emissions reduction is among the top objectives for ZAMA environmental management programs.
Solenoid valves developed by ZAMA changed the fuel management system of handheld power tools from mechanical control to electronic control. It can optimize fuel efficiency and reduce the emissions of our customers’ products.

Zero waste water emission plants

ZAMA adopted closed-cycle system for its production processes to reduce waste water and introduced a state-of-the-art centralized waste water treatment plant to process and re-use all production waste water. ZAMA reduced 70% of its water consumption and eliminated production waste water from its manufacturing plants.

Dual education program

ZAMA understands that the commitment of the employees and their knowledge and skills are the most critical factors to hold and expand its leading position in the market. We established an unique German dual education system with the cooperation of German Chamber of Commerce as well as local government.

Work and life balance

Happy people perform better. ZAMA is committed to build a comfortable environment for the employees to achieve a healthier work and life balance.

Heritage of traditional culture

Dragon boat racing is a watersport which has its roots in an ancient folk ritual of contending villagers. It has been held for over 2000 years throughout southern China. ZAMA formed its own dragon boat team to help the traditional Chinese dragon boat culture to be better inherited and promoted.

Social and environmental responsibility

ZAMA acknowledges its impact on the environment and the neighborhood and assumes the responsibility to continuously lower its ecological footprint and strictly monitor legal requirements, always applying state-of-the-art equipment. ZAMA feels obliged to set a good example and support the neighborhoods of its plants to continuously improve their environment and their social welfare.

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