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ZAMA is renowned for producing diaphragm carburetors for the outdoor machine industry worldwide. ZAMA diaphragm carburetors are widely used in chainsaws, brush cutters, clearing saws, hedge trimmers, special harvesters, earth auger, cut-off machines, and concrete cutters etc. With more than 60 years of know-how in the industry, we always offer reliable solutions to our customers, from specialized high-tech tools for professionals to cost competitive mass markets. Besides diaphragm carburetors, ZAMA supplies various precision machining parts, such as crank shaft, input shaft, tensioning screw, worm gear units, gear boxes and similar parts with excellent quality for the outdoor machine industry. ZAMA also provides electronic and electrical products such as solenoid valves, solenoid pumps, electronic fuel injection systems, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and PCBAs for a wide variety of industries.


Butterfly carburetor

Rotary carburetor

Electronic carburetor

We design and manufacture various diaphragm carburetors for forest and garden machinery up to 100cc to your individual requirements.

Fuel management system

Solenoid valve

Valve holder

Injection pump

Precision mechanical parts

Oil pump


Geared part

We have a large range of high precision machines including CNC controlled 5-axis machining centres with automated loading/unloading system, 3~6 axis CNC lathe machines for metal parts up to 600mm, grinding machines swing up to Φ350 mm and accuracy up to 0.001mm, hobbing and gear rolling machines, lapping machines and in-house-made dedicated machines.

In addition we have capacity for milling, drilling, tapping, slotting, plus many auxiliary operations.

Wire harnesses

Wire harness

Wire harness

Wire harness

We design, prototype and manufacture high-quality custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies for our customers. Our production facilities are designed and equipped to the most rigorous performance standards. From the basics of cutting, stripping, crimping, soldering, tube shrinking, resistance welding, terminal insertion and assembly - we offer the best solutions to ensure consistent performance.




Maintenance kit

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